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A Song Dynasty Collection
(960 - 1279AD)

The Song dynasty was an imperial dynasty of China from 960 to 1279. The dynasty was founded by Emperor Taizu of Song. The Song often came into conflict with the contemporaneous Liao, Western Xia and Jin dynasties in northern China. After decades of armed resistance defending southern China, it was eventually conquered by the Mongol-led Yuan dynasty.

Collection of Huizong (1100 - 1125 AD)
Eighth Emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty

Emperor Huizong was one of the most famous emperors of the Song Dynasty. He was a well-known calligrapher, writer of poems, an avid painter, guqin player. He showed great interests in architecture and garden design and even wrote treatises on medicine and Daoism. He was a collector of paintings, calligraphies, and antiques of previous Chinese eras, acquiring large collections of each for his amusement. 

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